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Join the Engineers VIP Club

We'll give you exclusive offers, keep you up to date with what's happening here and, with every dollar you spend at Engineers on your eftpos and/or credit card, you'll earn points for other great rewards. It uses your plain old eftpos card too — no need to carry and remember a specialty loyalty card. How cool is that?

How it Works

When you sign up for our VIP Club we'll ask you to tell us a little bit about yourself through our profile.

In the profile we'll also ask you for part of your eftpos or credit card number. We understand you're probably nervous about handing over your card number, but there is no need to be — We don't ask for the whole number just the first 6 and last 4 digits. So there's nothing else we (or anyone else) could use it for and we will never give it to anyone else.

Whenever you buy anything at Engineers we'll add your purchase to your points total. And this all happens automatically when you pay using our eftpos terminal (eftpos or credit card) . So neither of us need to remember to swipe or stamp another card. And you can enter up to four cards to cover all the ways you pay so you can be sure to get your points whichever one you use.

Usually you'll earn 1 point for every $1 spent on your card. However we may offer special times or offers when we change how many points each $1 earns. So we do reserve the right to change the number of points offered for each dollar spent.

Occasionally we also just like to surprise you with something out of the blue. So you don't have to spend to benefit. Here's a small selection of some of our special offers we currently have for VIP Club members...

  • $10 Voucher when you join
  • $10 Voucher when you tell us your card number
  • 20 Bonus Points - This will be automatically applied to your account when you refer a friend and they complete their profile
  • $15 Voucher when you earn 150 reward points
  • Free Main Meal ($35.00) on your Birthday

Other information you should know

We may change the rewards we offer from time to time. So rewards that you receive later on may be different from the ones you see listed when you join. For this reason the list of rewards we show currently is not a guarantee that these rewards will always be available or that you will always receive them. We will always maintain a list of the current rewards offered (except the one's we like to keep as a surprise) on this website.

We do like to provide special rewards, offers and deals for our members but all vouchers we provide are subject to availability and do not constitute a contract to supply a good or service.

We do not get transaction information in real time. Generally we process transactions for a particular day in the early hours of the following morning, but if the transaction occurs later in the day we may not process it until 2 days later. For this reason please allow up to 48 hours after any purchase for your points to be allocated to your member account.

Because transactions are not processed in real-time if you sign up via txt in-store and make a purchase at that time, then add your card details to your profile later that day (after your made the transaction) you will still receive points for that transaction as long as your card details were added before midnight on the same day.

We rely on other services to get our transaction information. Sometimes transmission or other errors may mean we don't receive or can't process a transaction. So, unfortunately, we cannot promise to process all transactions or to allocate points for any particular transaction.

Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for any errors or omissions you make when entering your card details. We cannot guarantee you will receive any points if the card details for any transaction you make are not recorded correctly. You will have to return to this site and update your profile to add or delete any cards.

Sometimes when an EFTPOS or credit card expires the new card issued will have a different card number. Please remember to check and update your card details whenever you receive a new EFTPOS or credit card. For security we do not ask for expiry date of your cards, so we are unable to send you reminders to check your card details when your cards expire.

Frequently asked Questions

Will you spam me?
Never! We don't want to send you anything that you don't want to receive (and we're not allowed to by law). At anytime you can update your privacy settings in the members area to let us know exactly how and what we can contact you about (including the option for us not to send you anything at all). We will always respect your privacy settings.

Do I have to give you my card number?
Absolutely not. Providing a card number is completely optional. You can be a member without a card number and still get special offers, updates and discounts. However we can't give you points or visit counts without your card number so you'll miss out any offers based on a certain number of points or visits.

What does it cost?
Engineers VIP Club is absolutely free. There is NO joining or annual membership fee.

How can I leave the VIP Club?
You can resign from the Engineers VIP Club at any time. When you sign up we'll give you a login to the member's area. There is a privacy page in the member's area with a big "Delete My Account" button. Just click that and we'll remove all traces of your membership record from the system.

Will you sell my contact information to anyone else?
No. The only people who have access to your data are designated Engineers employees and EFTPlus staff (who are our suppliers for this service). Your information will only ever be used for the VIP Club services and it will never be sold or given away to anyone else.

I'm ready to join, what do I do now?
It's easy. Just visit our join page and follow the instructions there. Welcome — it's great to have you as a member.


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